The 4 Things Your Atlanta Attic Insulation could be missing

4 Top Reasons To Install Attic Insulation In Atlanta, GA

Homeowners are usually willing to invest in home improvement projects that can help make their homes more comfortable and even reduce the future costs of owning and maintaining a home. Of course, projects that can also make homes more valuable are always given a priority. In fact, there are some projects that can do all of these things.

Out of all of these projects, improving or installing attic insulation may be one of the best one for a number of reasons. It is a fairly quick job, doesn’t cost much when compared to many other home improvement options, and really can help save money and make houses more valuable. To understand this, consider some of the top reasons to improve or install attic insulation in Atlanta, Georgia!

Frankly, many home improvement projects really don’t help save money or make houses more valuable to buyers. While some of these projects might make the owners happier, families who have to stick to tight budgets may not really want to invest in them.

1. Reduced Fuel Bills

Even the EPA says that many homes could save up to 40 percent on their fuel bills with improved attic insulation. Because having insulation installed is one fairly inexpensive home improvement project, it often pays for itself in several months.

Also, the way that attic gets installed may need to change as the use for an attic changes. For example, a warm attic might need ceiling insulation and not floor insulation. For a cold attic, it makes more sense to concentrate on the floor too.

2. Increased Home Value

Many studies have suggested that any improvements in energy efficiency pay for themselves many times over in increased home sales prices. These days, with uncertain fuel costs, what buyers wouldn’t prefer to consider houses that are easier to heat and cool?

Because our insulation is not that expensive, homeowners could consider this project even if they don’t plan to keep their home for a long time in the future. It is one investment that is likely to be worth more than it costs, and most home improvement projects really don’t work out that well when it is time to sell a house.

3. Make A House More Comfortable

Since the AC and furnace won’t have to work as hard, installing insulation should make it easier to control the temperature. This is especially important with larger and multiple-story houses.

Besides attic insulation, some houses may also benefit from wall and floor insulation, and you can consult with our professional insulation technicians to come up with the most sensible solutions. Enjoy a home that is cool in the summer and cozy in the winter with improved attic insulation.

4. Get Rid Of Toxic Insulation

Many older homes still have insulation that has asbestos in it. This is a known carcinogen, and it should never get disturbed by anybody who is not fully prepared to protect themselves.

While the EPA says that old Atlanta attic insulation won’t hurt unless it gets touched, even getting some on hands or clothes could be dangerous. It is always smart to have our team look and examine the existing area first hand and determine if it needs removed and how to remove the old insulation safely.

Some homeowners are just happy to get rid of old insulation to alleviate fears that fibers could get into the indoor air supply. Also, new insulation is much more efficient, besides being safer, so homeowners are likely to enjoy an improvement.

Stop Heating And Cooling The Air Outside

A lot of air escapes from inside a home to the outside. Some homeowners may want to have a cool or warm attic, but in either case, they are not likely to be eager to pay to heat or cool the air over the home’s roof. That is the beauty of improved blown in attic insulation — it keeps cool or warm air on the inside — where it should be!

Our professional attic l installers can get the job done quickly, possibly within a few hours, so life doesn’t have to get disrupted. Contact us Today!