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Get paid for helping to enhance your customer’s comfort and HVAC equipment performance!

The Best Around! My name is David Boswinkle, I am the owner of Exact Comfort HVAC Inc. I am a owner/operator just like Ken. I have known and recommended Ken Oliver for over 15 years. He is the ONLY one I can honestly recommend without any hesitation. If you want a quality job at more than fair price, he is the one to call.

We sincerely appreciate the many referrals we receive from service technicians across the metro Atlanta area! In fact, we appreciate you so much that we’d like to send you a small gift of $25 each time you refer a friend or customer that hires us to install a ventilation fan in their home or business. See below for more details on how the program works.

“Quick Service with a Smile. The owner Ken Oliver did the service himself. Called on a Monday able to come out that Friday and replace my attic ventilator. A must in the south! My Heating/Air Conditioning person – David of Exact Comfort – recommended Ken. I was very pleased with the service/professionalism and the price. This attic ventilator is much better than what the builder put in!” (anonymous at CitySearch)

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“Top Notch! Ken Oliver is the owner of this company and he came out himself to do the job! He was very professional and highly recommended by Exact Comfort and a few of my neighbors. When they saw his truck, they came over to say hello, that is good enough for me! He did a clean job, at an awesome price and gave me a quote to put more insulation in my attic that was a few hundred less than another company I had quote me! Ken will be back this fall to do the insulation.” (Boz at Kudzu)

Here’s How the Program Works…

Anytime you refer a customer or friend to us who hires us for a ventilation or insulation job (and yes, it can be just as simple as installing a single ventilation fan), we will pay you a $25 referral fee.

The Rules… (yep, there’s always a catch, but these are pretty simple!)

1. Either the customer or you must give us your name as the referral (you can use the “Submit your referrals” link above).

2. The customer must hire us for at least one fan installation or insulation job.

3. The customer must pay us in full (sorry, if we don’t get paid, you don’t get paid).

4. You need to “sign up” with us to enroll in the program. All you have to do is simply follow the “sign up” link above and fill out the form. Once you do that, we will enroll you in the Referral Rewards program.

5. We can only pay for referrals from the time you sign up with us and going forward. We know that a lot of you have sent us plenty of referrals in the past and we really do appreciate it more than you know! But we’re a struggling small business too, and live from season to season like so many of you. We simply can’t afford to go “backwards” with this program, but we’re glad that we can at least start something like this for you going forward!


 “These folks came highly recommended from Moncrief Plumbing and Air, who did not do this kind of work.  They responded quickly to my call, provided an estimate and we scheduled service.  They arrived on time and did the work quickly and correctly, at exactly the price they initially quoted.  I would use them again.” – Kenneth M., Decatur, GA

How to sign up (we need your info to send you the money!)

Please click the link above that says “Sign Up HERE for our Sales Referral Program”. There you will find a quick and easy form to fill out so we can add your name, company and contact info to our database so we know where to send the check.


How to submit a referral…

  • Give the customer our referral card with your name on it and ask them to be sure to tell us who referred them. (We always ask them anyway.) (Use the form at the right to request more referral cards if needed.)
  • You may also click the link above and fill out the form to “Submit your referrals” directly to us and we will use this information to compare against recent sales so that we can properly credit you.
  • You can also use the link above to download an additional “Referral Tracking Brochure” that you can carry with you on jobs and use to write down your referral’s name and contact information so that you can submit it to us here on the site.
  • You can also use the link above to “Track Previous Referrals”.


When You Get Paid…

At the end of each week, we will compare the completed an paid jobs against the referral sheets and send you a $25 check for each paid referral. Jobs are reviewed on Fridays & checks are mailed on Mondays.


We’ll even give you a $50 bonus for every 10 paid referrals you send us!