Bath Fan Installation – 4 Things To Know Before Hiring A Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installer

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1)  Is the room/bathroom that you are trying to ventilate actually able to be ventilated?

Some bathrooms have a floor directly above them that do not allow sufficient space (or access to the space) in order to easily install the necessary duct work. A bathroom ventilation fan obviously needs to have appropriate duct work to carry the air out of the house (or at least into non-livable space in the case of retro-fits). If there was no existing vent exhaust fan in the room already, then the only way to install the duct work would be to open up the ceiling and/or wall.

2)  What is area/size of the room/bathroom you are trying to ventilate?

In order to determine the appropriate size of bathroom vent fan to install, you must determine the total volume of space (cubic footage) in the room to be vented. This can easily be determined by simply measuring and multiplying the length x width x height of the room. This number will directly correlate with the “CFM” – Cubic Foot (of air moved) per Minute. So it is important for you to know these dimensions for the room/bathroom that you want to ventilate in order to give to your bath fan installer.

A typical small bathroom might need an exhaust fan anywhere from around 50CFM to 80CFM.

3)  How loud of a bathroom exhaust fan are you willing to tolerate?

The third most important thing to pay attention to is the loudness/noise level of the unit you are going to have installed. This is measured in units called “sones”. Sones are defined as simply “a measure of loudness”. The lower the sones number, the quieter the fan, and vice-versa.

This is important to some people because it is something that is used on a regular basis (many come on automatically with the light). Many people are annoyed by the rather loud noise that is made by some of the less expensive units. However, many others simply ignore the sound completely, and it doesn’t bother them at all.

As you can probably imagine, a quieter unit (with a lower sones number) will cost more than a louder unit. The cost for a low noise (low sone) unit could be as much as $50-$100 more than a higher sone (louder) unit.

4)  What “accessories” do you want with your new bathroom ventilation fan?

Bathroom vent fans can have multiple functions built in. Some examples include bathroom fans with lights, bath fans with heaters, or just a plain bathroom ventilator fan without anything else. Obviously, the costs will vary according to how many of these features you would like in your fan.

And of course, you should be aware that the cost of the installation will also vary somewhat with these features, as they may require more time and materials to install.

So these are some of the more important things that you will definitely want to consider if you are thinking about installing or replacing a bathroom ventilation fan. Of course, we are happy to help answer any additional questions you might have about this project. Please don’t hesitate to drop us a line with any questions or concerns.

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